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About Casino Sherlock

Behind CasinoSherlock is a group of experienced gambling enthusiasts who take iGaming seriously. Our main goal is to provide honest reviews of casinos and bingo sites, along with curated toplists to help UK punters find exactly what they’re looking for.

Our team, made up of dedicated casino enthusiasts from the UK and other countries, meticulously researches and tests every casino, bingo site, and game before sharing their insights.

We take pride in offering authentic reviews and well-researched guides to help you make the best decisions for yourselves. With CasinoSherlock, you can trust that our reviews and best-of-lists are of the highest quality, ensuring you have the best gaming experience.

📅 Our Story - A Timeline of Our Milestones



CasinoSherlock Launch

CasinoSherlock is launched in 2023 with 14 casino reviews and 10 bingo sites reviews.



Expansion of Slot Reviews

We expanded our slot reviews section, working toward our mission of becoming a comprehensive gambling reviewing platform.



More Licensed Brands Listed

We listed more licensed casinos, making CasinoSherlock a comprehensive hub of UK casino reviews with a rapidly growing reader base.



Site-Wide Content Review

We initiated a site-wide content review to ensure accuracy and compliance with British regulations.



35+ Casinos and 10+ Bingo Sites Reviewed

CasinoSherlock stays up-to-date with 40+ casino and 10+ bingo sites reviews, with plans to add more educational content to help Brits make informed gambling decisions.

Our Parent Organisation: Gentoo Media (Previously GiG Media)

CasinoSherlock is established and owned by Gentoo Media (previously GiG Media), one of the leading iGaming companies in the world. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Malta (company registration number: C44319), with registered address at @GIG Beach, Triq id – Dragunara, St. Julians STJ 3148, Gentoo Media also operates offices in Spain, Denmark, Serbia, and France.

The company is publicly traded and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “GiG,” and on Nasdaq Stockholm under “GIGSEK.”

As one of Gentoo Media’s products, CasinoSherlock is dedicated to delivering a high-quality experience to British players.

🏆 GiG Media (Now Gentoo Media) Awards

Our parent organisation was shortlisted for numerous prestigious gambling industry awards in the last five years. The latest award GiG Media (now Gentoo Media) acquired is the Best Casino Affiliate award at the IGB Affiliate Awards in 2022.

Below, we’ve listed most notable awards and recognitions:

IGB Affiliate Awards

IGB Affiliate Awards Logo


  • Best Casino Affiliate (Shortlisted)
  • Best Sports Betting Affiliate (Shortlisted)
  • Safer Gambling Initiative (Shortlisted)
  • Employer of the Year (Shortlisted)


  • Best Casino Affiliate (Won)
  • Best Sports Betting Affiliate (Shortlisted)


  • Best Casino Affiliate (Shortlisted)
  • Best Sports Betting Affiliate (Shortlisted)
EGR Power Affiliates Summit

EGR Logo

  • 2023 – No 3 Power Affiliate Ranking
  • 2022 – No 4 Power Affiliate Ranking
  • 2021 – No 3 Power Affiliate Ranking
EGR Operator Awards

EGR Logo


  • Affiliate of the Year (Shortlisted)
  • Casino Affiliate (Shortlisted)
  • Sports Affiliate (Shortlisted)


  • Employer of the Year (Shortlisted)
VIXIO Gambling Compliance Awards 2021

Vixio Logo

  • Outstanding Contribution to Safer Gambling (Shortlisted)
  • Compliance Innovator or Innovation of the Year (Shortlisted)

🌐 Our Offices

CasinoSherlock’s parent organisation, Gentoo Media (previously GIG Media) has several offices across the world with 800+ employees. You’ll find our team members either at one of the 4 office locations listed below or working remotely worldwide.

🏢 Malta Office 🏢 Denmark Office
Gentoo Media Malta Office

Address: @Triq id-Dragunara, San Ġiljan STJ 3140, Malta

Gentoo Media Copenhagen Office

Address: Rebel Penguin ApS, Nannasgade 28, Norrebro 2200 København, Denmark

🏢 Belgrade Office 🏢 Spain Office
Gentoo Media Belgrade Office

Address: @Airport City, Rose Building, Omladinskih Brigada 9, 11070 New Belgrade, Serbia

Gentoo Media Valencia Office

Address: @Av. de les Corts Valencianes, 58, 5th floor, Pobles de l’Oest, 46015 València, Spain

Our main headquarter is located next to one of the most popular and most beautiful bays in Malta, St. George’s Bay, surrounded by piers, ports and restaurants. As our headquarter, GiG Beach is the main hub connecting and communicating with other offices in different countries.

Malta: Gentoo Media, Triq id-Dragunara, San Ġiljan STJ 3140, Malta

🔎 What We Do at CasinoSherlock

At CasinoSherlock, we provide reviews of online casinos and bingo sites, but that’s not all. We strive to go beyond that and provide all the relevant information a player needs for a safe and successful gaming experience.

You will find information about different types of casinos, bonuses, gambling laws and taxes in the UK, latest news and relevant player guides that will help you navigate the world of online gambling.

Here are 3 most important things we do daily:

✔️ We Test and Evaluate Online Casinos & Bingo Sites

We put in hours to analyse online casinos and bingo sites every day. From bonus rules to withdrawal speed, we make sure to thoroughly evaluate important aspects of each UK gambling platform to help you make informed choices. Each casino and bingo site is researched and manually tested for at least 5 hours before we make our final verdict and decide if it makes it to our recommended lists.

✔️ We Create Easy-to-Understand & Independent Listings

The first step in our process is to analyse hundreds of casino and bingo operators and evaluate them according to our rating guidelines. Then we give scores to the ones that meet our criteria and include them in our recommendations.

We know that punters search for specific categories like fast withdrawal casinos or minimum deposit casinos, so we add each operator into the categories they belong to. To help you navigate our site more easily, we display the most popular categories in our main menu.

✔️ We Empower UK Punters With Gambling Knowledge

We know there is a lot of misleading and inaccurate information about online gambling. We make sure to only list correct information and to warn you about potential issues if we spot any during our research. At CasinoSherlock, we never promote unlicensed casinos or label bonuses as free unless they don’t require a deposit.

You will always find the correct bonus terms and conditions so you can get a clear picture of every offer we display. We publish informational pieces and guides to inform you of your rights, gambling regulations, and how to stay safe while gambling online.

⭐ How We Do It – Our Core Principles

To maintain our standards and an unbiased approach, we’ve created 10 core principles that guide us in our everyday jobs. Our rating guidelines and editorial principles make for a big part of those standardised processes that help us stay impartial.

1️⃣ By Taking Advantage of Years of Industry Knowledge

CasinoSherlock is part of Gentoo Media (previously GIG Media),a trusted leader in iGaming affiliate business. Our long-standing experience, backed by the reputable parent organisation, underscores our commitment to trustworthiness and quality. This solid foundation enables us to deliver reliable and insightful content to our audience.

Gentoo Media (previously GIG Media) is consistently ranked among the top three Best Casino Affiliate Websites, so our affiliation with it places us in the group of trusted and respected iGaming affiliates.

2️⃣ With Proven Expertise and Extensive Experience

We’ve assembled a diverse and experienced team, whose collective expertise in the gambling spans decades. From PR and marketing specialists to writers with experience in statistics and seasoned gamblers, our diverse backgrounds ensure a comprehensive understanding of the British market.

Iria Mon
Online Casino Expert
Iria Mon
Iria Mon, a tenacious online casino expert and author, boasts an impressive decade-long experience in the gambling industry. She specialises in online casino reviews, providing quality content and authentic analysis of gambling sites.
Tolulope Kehinde
Online Bingo & Slot Expert
Tolulope Kehinde
Tolulope Kehinde is online bingo and slots expert at CasinoSherlock. With five years as a writer and researcher in the online gambling, she is a true pioneer in the industry. Tolulope's insights and expertise are invaluable in providing avid casino players with in-depth and up-to-date information on all things related to online slots, bingo games and payment methods.
Trisita Aich
Online Casino & Games Expert
Trisita Aich
Trisita is an online casino games expert at CasinoSherlock. With over seven years of experience in the industry, she makes sure the UK players receive the insights and information they cannot find elsewhere. Writing in-depth casino reviews and creating guides to playing casino games is her speciality.

3️⃣ By Maintaining Legal Compliance

We follow legal requirements in the UK, and we have a whole team of legal counsels and compliance managers we work closely with. They help us stay on top of the UK’s strict gambling regulations and advise us on how to provide clear and accurate information to our site visitors. Our main focus is adequate licensing and player safety measures. We also vet bonuses thoroughly to weed out any misleading offers to ensure a secure and compliant environment. Educating players on awareness about these topics is what we strive to achieve, too.

4️⃣ Through Data-Based Evaluations

Our rating guidelines derive from thorough data analysis and expert evaluations, ensuring they are both accurate and impartial. We use sophisticated statistical methods to ensure our ratings are accurate and unbiased. This methodical approach guarantees that our reviews are based on solid, unbiased data, providing you with the best possible service.

5️⃣ By Adhering to Our High Editorial Standards

At CasinoSherlock, we uphold the highest standards of editorial integrity, which guide every aspect of our work – from our perspectives and review methodology to our meticulous fact-checking process. Our editorial principles ensure that our content is not only accurate but also aligns with the best practices and regulations of the iGaming industry, particularly those applicable in the UK.

We value our readers’ feedback immensely, considering it essential in refining our processes and content. This commitment ensures our offerings are consistently trustworthy and tailored to meet the expectations and needs of British players, drawing from authoritative and reputable sources within the industry.

6️⃣ By Equipping British Players With Knowledge

One of our main commitments is to educate our site visitors and equip them with knowledge so that they can make informed decisions and spot scams or offers that aren’t player-friendly. You will find a wealth of information and guides at CasinoSherlock designed to empower you on your gaming journey.

7️⃣ Through Advocating for Responsible Gambling

We are dedicated to promoting responsible gambling and encouraging our users to prioritise safe gambling practices and check in on themselves frequently. To support UK punters, we’ve listed the tools and resources dedicated to assist those struggling with problem gambling.

Protecting minors from the negative consequences of gambling is also very important to us. We are aware of growing concern about long-lasting impacts of gambling on young people’s lives. That’s why we’ve developed a page on underage gambling where you can find information on how to prevent it, what are the signs of gambling in minors, and where to seek help if your child develops problem gambling.

8️⃣ By Embracing Environmental Sustainability

As part of the Gaming Innovation Group, we implement sustainable practices in our operations, and people first culture. Green hosting, energy efficiency and a balanced well-being for our staff are important parts of our sustainability efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

9️⃣ By Prioritising Accessibility for All

We think that everyone should be able to access and enjoy our content. To make this happen, we frequently evaluate our website for accessibility, and work closely with developers to ensure implementation of the best and latest practices.

🔟 By Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As part of our mission, we foster an environment without bias, with initiatives focused on promoting diversity and equity. We have practices and policies in place to ensure our people feel supported and cared for, and we make sure to update them regularly to keep up with the progress in human rights.

How We Make Money

We generate revenue through affiliate marketing. This means that we may earn a commission when you click on a link to a casino and make a deposit, at no additional cost to you. These commissions enable us to maintain our standards, keep producing high-quality content, and run our website.

We assure you this doesn’t affect the quality of the information we provide on our website.

Our advertising disclosure policy is clearly highlighted at the top of each page where we list our recommended casinos and bingo sites. Transparency is one of our most important values, so by making our policy clearly visible, we are upholding it.

Advertising Disclosure

Casino Sherlock contains affiliate links to partner sites. If you click on them to go to a casino and make a deposit, we earn a commission at no cost to you as a player. This doesn’t affect the accuracy and reliability of the information we provide on our website. Our editorial principles are centred around objectivity and impartiality, and we remain committed to providing unbiased advice and guidance.

How We Maintain Unbiased Selection Process

The compensation we receive does not influence our listings, reviews, and advice. We maintain an unbiased approach and a rigorous selection process regardless of the commissions we receive. We rate and select products and services based on their quality, real-user reviews, and overall value they provide according to our rating guidelines.

While some of the products we recommend may provide us a commission, many do not. Our primary goal is to deliver honest and accurate information and recommend online casinos & bingo sites that we genuinely believe are of high value.

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