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Meet Trisita Aich


Trisita is an online casino specialist at Casino Sherlock. With over ten years of experience in the industry, she makes sure the UK players receive the insights and information they cannot find elsewhere. Writing in-depth casino reviews and creating guides to playing casino games is her speciality.

Trisita Aich is an English Language and Literature post-graduate and a passionate writer. She channeled her love for crafting words into a devotion to iGaming. She took her first step into digital marketing as a freelance writer ten years ago. Back then, it was just a means of a passive income to her. However, when she first came in contact with the iGaming niche, something clicked and she became forever fascinated with it.

Not to mention, it was an added bonus (pun intended) that Trisita grew up playing various video computer games including mobile ones. Ever since, Trisita dedicated her time, effort, and energy to learning and comprehending the ins and outs of online casinos.

Slowly, she gained a versatile experience in the iGaming niche and this was a turning point that stepped up her game (again, pun intended).

Trisita’s Areas of Expertise

Since the start of her career, Trisita has worked primarily in the iGaming industry, where she does wonders in the aspects that she loves the most: online casinos and casino games. As a freelance writer, she was covering diverse media channels and content types, including reviews, “how-to” guides, YouTube descriptions, news pieces, guest blog posts, website content, etc. She is very knowledgeable about Gambling Regulations around the world, as she covered multiple markets, including the UK, US, India, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand markets.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry through her professional writing career, Trisita feels humble in accomplishing her continuing goals. Gaming Innovation Group, Paradise Media, Growth Leads, ComeOn! Group and Group are some of the companies she collaborated with.

The UK gambling market is her primary area of interest. Known for its strict regulations and high standards both legally and in terms of customer profiles, it was a perfect learning ground for Trisita over the years. Over the years, she developed an in-depth understanding of the UK online platforms and stays up to date with the latest laws in this dynamic market space.

In addition to that, online casinos are another challenging aspect of online gaming because they are constantly changing. To be able to keep up with this ever-changing landscape, Trisita is always busy updating her knowledge on online casinos, new games, and other innovations in the industry by talking to enthusiastic players and via industry-relevant news and magazines.

A Passionate Casino Expert

Since joining the Casino Sherlock team, Trisita has invested a lot of time and energy to ensure the UK players receive the insights and information they cannot find elsewhere.

Her main duty is to analyse online casinos in the UK according to our extensive rating guidelines and update the players in the United Kingdom on their every aspect. She is responsible for providing them with the latest online casino information too.

Trisita specializes in writing in-depth casino reviews to keep UK players up to date with the latest and best online platforms out there. She is also a master in creating guides to playing your favorite casino games, from games of skill like Blackjack to pure games of luck like Roulette.

As an online player, especially a newbie, it is not easy to choose a game that can help you win big. As a result, gamblers can end up playing games with fewer deals, or not-so-great RTPs. In other words, they can lose money. That is where Trisita comes in: her knowledge and experience help her discover casinos online with the best deals in the UK.

You can count on her expertise, as she will be very honest about the gaming platform’s fairness and overall experience, so you’ll be well aware of the good, bad, and ugly in the world of online gambling.

One of Trisita’s main drivers is to help UK gamblers have fun and bet away without incurring huge losses. You can always rely on her to update you with the best bonuses and valuable online casino insights.

In addition to being an author, Trisita is also an active member of the online gambling universe. She’s had the opportunity to try out numerous games across all major and less know platforms during her career. It gives her an out-of-the-box perspective of the industry and allows her to deeply understand the nitty gritty underpinning it.

Trisita Aich truly strives to be a pioneer in the world of online gambling.

She intends to contribute something invaluable to the community and continues to deliver unparalleled information on the gambling universe through insightful analyses and thorough insights on games, strategies, and more.

Apart from work, Aich is an absolute ailurophile. She has three cats in her home, with whom she is totally obsessed, along with her parents. Trisita’s hobbies include art and craft. She often finds her peace by escaping into the world of quilling, origami, sculpting miniatures, and sewing. Trista comes from a literature background and so, she relishes her relaxing time reading a play or a short story with a cup of hot chocolate. She still loves to watch anime and dreams of traveling and staying for at least a year in Japan.

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      If you have any kind of suggestion, feedback on her reviews, or burning questions about online casinos in the UK – the new ones, fast withdrawal ones, or any other one, Trisita would be happy to hear from you! Get in touch with her by email and you can expect a response within 48 hours.