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Changes to Terms

We revise these terms periodically, so we recommend that you review them each time you visit our site to ensure you are familiar with the most current terms and conditions.

Changes to Our Site

Our site undergoes updates and changes periodically, which are aimed at addressing changes in our product offerings, meeting the evolving needs of our users, and aligning with our business priorities.

Suspension or Withdrawal of Our Site

Our site is provided to you free of charge. However, we cannot guarantee that our site, or any of its content, will be continuously available or uninterrupted. Accordingly, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend, withdraw or restrict access to all or any portion of our site for business or operational reasons. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you before any such suspension or withdrawal.

It is your responsibility to ensure that anyone using your internet connection to access our site is informed about and adheres to the applicable terms and conditions, including these Terms of use.

Transfer of Agreement

We reserve the right to transfer our obligations and rights under these terms to another organisation. If we do so, we will notify you in writing and ensure that the transfer does not impact your rights under the contract.

Age & Country Restriction

Our service is intended for individuals who are 18 years of age or older.

If you are under 18 years of age, it is prohibited to use our service.

Also, if the use of our service is illegal in the country you reside in, then you are not permitted to use our service.

Restriction on the Use of Material

All intellectual property rights related to our site and the material published on it are owned or licensed by us. The works are safeguarded by copyright laws and treaties globally. You are authorised to print one copy and download extracts of any page(s) from our site for your personal use. Additionally, you are allowed to share content posted on our site with others in your organisation provided that:

  1. You maintain all copyright and other proprietary notices without any modification.
  2. You do not make any changes or modifications to the content, information, or materials.
  3. You refrain from using the information, materials, or content in a way that implies a connection or affiliation with any of our products, brands, or services.

The website is intended solely for personal use, and you are prohibited from using it for commercial purposes or engaging in any activities that are illegal, harmful to us, or harmful to any other individual or organisation, as determined solely by us.

In the event that you violate these terms of use by printing, downloading, copying, sharing, or re-posting any part of our website without authorisation, your right to access and use our site will immediately terminate, and we may require you to either return or dispose of any copies of the materials you have obtained, at our discretion.

Links and Integrations From Our Service

  • Our service is linked to or integrated with services, websites, and apps offered by third parties, including bookmakers and other gambling operators. However, we have no control over the content, practices, security, or privacy policies of those third-party services, apps, or websites. It is possible that those third parties may collect data or personal information from you, and we cannot be held responsible for the collection, use, or disclosure of any information by those services. It is important to note that accessing any other service, app or website from our service is done at your own risk.
  • To access integrated functionality or place bets with Bookmakers, it may be necessary for you to register or log in to third-party services separately.
  • We do not operate as a bookmaker or betting operator, nor do we present ourselves as such. Additionally, we will not, under any circumstances, be a participant in any bets placed through our service.
  • Before placing any bets, it is your duty to create an account with the appropriate Bookmaker and ensure that you are confident in their identity, creditworthiness, and financial stability.
  • The display of Bookmakers’ reviews on our service, as well as the linking to and integration with Bookmakers (or any other third party) through our service, should not be construed as an endorsement, approval, or recommendation of the Bookmakers (or other third parties).
  • Managing and maintaining your Bookmaker accounts is entirely your responsibility. Furthermore, you are solely accountable for adhering to all the Terms and Conditions you have accepted with the Bookmaker.
  • We do not have any influence over whether Bookmakers accept bets, void bets, or provide payments to you after a bet is placed. As such, we cannot be held liable or responsible for any failure of Bookmakers to pay you any sums. Please note that there is a possibility of losing money when placing bets, and you are entirely accountable for the bets that you place with Bookmakers.

Linking to Our Site

You may link to our home page, as long as you do it in a way that is legal, fair and does not harm our reputation or take advantage of it. You are prohibited from creating a link that implies any sort of approval, association, or endorsement on our part if such a relationship does not exist.

You are not allowed to create a link to our site on any website that you do not own.

Our site should not be framed on any other site, and you should only link to our home page, not any other page of our site. We reserve the right to revoke the permission to link to our site at any time and without providing prior notice.

The website that you are linking to must adhere to all the content standards specified in our Acceptable Use Policy. If you want to link to or utilize any content on our site beyond what was stated earlier, please get in touch with us.

Reliance on Information on Our Site

The information provided on our website is intended for general information purposes only. It should not be construed as advice that you should rely on. Before taking any action or refraining from any action based on the information presented on our site, you should seek the guidance of a qualified professional or specialist.

We make reasonable efforts to ensure the information on our site is kept up-to-date.

Still, we do not give any express or implied guarantees, warranties or representations that the content is accurate, current, or complete.


We will offer our service to you with due diligence and expertise, following these Terms.

If we do not adhere to these Terms, we are responsible for any loss or damage you may incur that is a foreseeable consequence of our non-compliance, subject to the restrictions stated in these Terms. Nonetheless, we are not accountable for the following:

  • Any loss or damage that can be anticipated as a result of our failure to meet our legal obligations to you. Loss and damage are deemed predictable if it is evident that it could occur or if you and we were aware that it could happen at the time of our agreement.
  • Loss or damages arising from your violation of these Terms.
  • Any failure or delay that results from events beyond our reasonable control.

Our service is intended solely for your personal use, and you agree not to utilise it for any commercial or business purposes. As a result, we are not liable to you for any loss of profit, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.

To avoid any data loss or damage to your devices caused by using our service, it is your responsibility to back up your data and keep your devices protected with up-to-date anti-virus software. We will not be held liable for any such loss or damage unless it was caused recklessly or intentionally by us.

Intentionally introducing viruses, worms, trojans, logic bombs, or any other material that is harmful to our site, attempting to access our site or any connected server, computer or database without authorisation, or launching a denial-of-service or distributed denial-of-service attack against our site is prohibited. Violating this provision is a criminal offence, and we reserve the right to report any such breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities and provide them with your identity. Your right to use our site will be terminated immediately if you breach this provision.

Nothing in these Terms limits or excludes our liability:

  • For personal injury or death resulting from our negligence
  • For any matter that is illegal to do so, including your right to receive our service with reasonable care and skill.


These Terms of use will remain in effect until either you or we terminate them. You have the option to terminate these terms of use at any time by ceasing to use our site and deleting all materials, related documentation, and copies and installations thereof obtained from the site, whether made under these terms of use or otherwise.

We reserve the right to terminate these terms of use with respect to you without cause and any prior notice to you, in our sole discretion. In the event of termination, you must discontinue using our site and delete all materials acquired and their copies that were obtained from the site, regardless of whether they were obtained under these terms of use or not.

We have implemented a policy that enables us to terminate, in suitable circumstances, the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe on copyright.

The provisions of these terms of use that are inherently meant to survive the termination of these terms will continue to be in effect even after such termination.

User Content Policy

You are required to adhere to this section whenever you utilise a function that enables you to upload content to our service or interact with other users of our service. You guarantee that any content you contribute meets the criteria outlined in this section.

Our service may include features that allow you to send messages to other users, take part in forum discussions, share reviews, and publish blog posts on our platform.

We will make every effort to evaluate any potential risks that third parties may pose to users when using the Message Features available on our service. Based on those risks, we will then decide on a case-by-case basis whether it’s appropriate to moderate the relevant service (and what type of moderation to use).

However, we are not obligated to monitor, supervise, or moderate any message features we offer on our service. Furthermore, we explicitly disclaim any liability for any harm or loss resulting from a user’s use of any Message Features violating our content standards.

You are solely responsible for any User-Generated Content that you submit or post in any Public Forum under your username or otherwise. You are also responsible for the consequences of posting such content.

You acknowledge that using User-Generated Content posted in any Public Forum is at your own risk. For instance, we do not endorse or take responsibility for the advice, opinions, or recommendations posted or sent by users in any Public Forum; we explicitly disclaim all liability associated with them.

We reserve the right to review, reject, remove or modify any User-Generated Content at any time and without prior notice, at our sole discretion and for any reason or no reason at all. If we choose to review User-Generated Content, there may be a delay in its posting to a Public Forum while we carry out the review process. In case we have any concerns about your User-Generated Content, such as copyright issues, we may contact you for additional information, including verifying that you own the copyright or have received permission to post the content.

When participating in a Public Forum, it’s important to recognise that individuals may not be who they claim to be, possess the knowledge they purport to have, or be affiliated with the organisations they claim to represent. Information obtained from Public Forums may be unreliable, and it’s not advisable to take any actions, including making investment decisions or trading, based solely or primarily on unverified information.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any User-Generated Content found in a Public Forum, and we assume no responsibility for any investment or trading decisions made or actions taken or not taken based on such content or information.

Accessing and browsing User-Generated Content within a Public Forum or posting User-Generated Content in a Public Forum may be subject to age restrictions and other procedures, which we may modify at any time and for any reason at our sole discretion. If there are any age restrictions or policies in place, we will provide details within the relevant Public Forum.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws

The subject matter and formation of these Terms are regulated by English law. Accordingly, any claim arising from or related to our service will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.