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These cookies give us the opportunity to analyze the use of the website, so we can measure and improve performance.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

By using our website, you agree to let us use cookies for a better experience.

Cookies give us insight into which pages on the site have been helpful and make navigating easier; however, they don’t provide access to your computer or personal information other than what is voluntarily shared with us.

You always remain in control of cookie usage, whether that’s disabling them entirely or choosing specific files from browser settings. Guidance on how to control cookie support can be found online for all major web browsers.

Our website uses both first-party cookies hosted on our site and third party cookies provided by independent external domains. This ensures that we deliver a personalised experience while protecting your privacy.

Cookies used are:

First Party Cookies

They are placed by CasinoSherlock, and they facilitate the processing of data usage, browsing patterns, source of traffic to the website, as well as content segmentation.

Third-Party Cookies

They are placed by service providers/third-party domains.

Cookie Policy

Most Common Cookies We Use

More information about the most common cookies we use and how they are used are provided below.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps us gain a clearer understanding of our customers by providing web analytics that tracks website traffic. Through this service, we can decipher age, gender, interests and more to help tailor the experience for each visitor. This knowledge helps inform decisions that drive success in marketing initiatives around the web.

Our services extend beyond providing the perfect content for you. We also partner with companies that collect data about your online habits, so we can tailor ads to fit your individual needs and interests. Your browsing experiences may be met with multiple relevant advertisements on our site or others due to our partnership with Google as well as other corporations. This helps us track how effective our marketing campaigns truly are by showing when people click through these adverts. You can take control of your ads experience and customise your display network by heading to the Google Ads settings page.

Google Ads

Through Google’s Ads platform, we can further reach target customers with tailored advertising.


Cloudflare is in charge of their cookie placement. These cookies are required for Cloudflare’s security features and cannot be disabled. It is unrelated to any user ID on your web page and stores no identifiable information that’s personal to you. This cookie is kept for a period of 12 months.


This third-party cookie enables us to assess and examine user behaviour on our website without revealing any personal information.

How to Control Cookies

You can easily adjust cookie usage through the settings in your web browser. The help function in your preferred browser should provide you with the necessary information. Below are some browsers that provide cookie guides which can be useful for you:

  1. Opera –
  2. Firefox –
  3. Chrome –
  4. Internet Explorer –
  5. Safari 5 for Mac –

Alternatively, offers guidance on how to do this as well as additional information on cookies and how to manage them.

Google Analytics also offers its own opt-out options via To manage cookies effectively on mobile devices, it may be necessary to consult the device’s instruction manual. Cookie restrictions may have an effect on the website’s functionality.

How We Use Cookies

  • Cookies are essentially text-only data files that the site saves to your hard drive or other website-browsing equipment for record-keeping purposes.
  • We may combine information received from cookies to your account profile, where we hold personal data about you (for example, where it is provided to us during account creation).
  • The website employs cookies and other technologies to aid in the collection of non-personal statistical data, such as which advertisements receive the highest clicks from our users or how much time a user spends reading the content of a particular page. These technologies assist us in improving our site, marketing activities, and your experience. By default, most web browsers accept cookies. If you prefer, you can configure your browser to reject and remove cookies. If you choose this option, there might be an impact on certain features or services on our site.
  • While cookies do not provide us with personal information (for example, your name and surname), they do allow us to serve advertisements and other content that may be of interest to you based on the information stored by the cookie. Cookies are thus used to enhance your experience online, as well as for analytics and marketing.

You have the option of disabling cookies in your browser whenever you want, but doing so reduces the value you can gain in terms of useful and interesting content.

It will also remove any browser customisations you have made. Removing cookies may also remove your opt-out preferences from sites that use cookies to track unsubscribe/opt-out preferences.

Cookie Classification

Below is a list of some classifications of cookies you’ll come across and their functions on our website.

Classification Description
Necessary Cookies These cookies are required for you to be able to navigate the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, our website cannot function properly.
Performance Cookies These cookies gather data about how visitors use a website, such as which pages they visit most frequently and whether they get error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect information that can be used to identify a visitor. All information gathered by these cookies is aggregated and thus anonymous.
Marketing Cookies Marketing cookies are used to track website visitors across multiple websites. This helps us to create a more personalised web experience for you by providing ads that are tailored specifically to your needs, making them more valuable to you and for us.
Functionality Cookies These cookies help to personalise your user experience by remembering choices like usernames, preferred languages and locations. They remember changes like text size and fonts so that every page looks exactly how you want it to, no more squinting or scrolling around. Plus, all data gathered remains anonymous for maximum security when browsing online.

Cookies Behaviour

Here are some cookie behaviours on our website:

Session Cookies: As soon as an individual visits our website, a session cookie is created to keep track of their progress during the visit. This cookie is deleted when they close their web browser or wander away from the page.

Persistent Cookies: A persistent cookie file is stored on the user’s device and is reactivated when the user visits the website that owns the cookie. These cookies expire after a set date or can be manually removed.

Secure Cookies: Only an encrypted connection can be used to transmit a secure cookie (i.e. HTTPS). They can’t be sent over unencrypted connections (i.e. HTTP). This reduces the cookie’s vulnerability to cookie theft via eavesdropping. The Secure flag is added to a cookie to make it secure.