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Iria Mon, a tenacious casino expert and author, boasts an impressive decade-long experience in the gambling industry. Her expansive career includes roles such as marketing manager and gambling writer, underpinning her vast knowledge of casino operations and sports betting.

Iria Mon is a dedicated professional with an expansive career spanning more than a decade in the ever-competitive iGaming industry. Beginning her journey in 2011, Iria has been passionately involved in working with prestigious casino brands and sports betting sites around the globe. Early on in her career, Iria thrived in her role as a retention manager, ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction, eventually growing into the role of a regional manager where she displayed her strong strategic planning and leadership skills.

Iria’s educational background in Public Relations and Advertising from the University of Barcelona provided her with a solid foundation to navigate the dynamic world of online gambling. Her deep understanding of promotional mechanics and the terms and conditions of casino bonuses has been pivotal in her career, shaping her into an industry expert.

Living abroad in the UK for two years and in South Africa for ten years has enriched Iria’s global perspective and understanding of diverse markets, a knowledge she applies to her professional endeavours. Her international experience, coupled with her intrinsic problem-solving abilities, enabled her to adeptly manage and enhance the performance of casino brands she worked with.

In addition to her managerial roles, Iria has also made significant contributions as a writer and editor for six years. In this capacity, she has demonstrated her prowess in creating compelling content that resonates with the readers, effectively communicating intricate gambling concepts and strategies in an easily comprehensible manner.

Her in-depth articles are a testament to her deep understanding of the industry, often providing valuable insights into various gambling platforms and casino games.

Outside of her professional life, Iria is an ardent explorer and traveller. The experience of living in different countries and cultures has instilled in her a sense of adaptability and curiosity, which she frequently applies in her work. Iria’s professional journey in the gambling industry, bolstered by her vibrant personal life, makes her a respected figure in her field, admired for her commitment, expertise, and dynamic approach.

What Are Iria’s Areas of Expertise?

Iria’s areas of expertise are broad and extensive, thanks to her ten years as a marketing manager and six years as a gambling writer. Her time spent managing brands, crafting and implementing promotions for players, and creating strategic interventions has armed her with invaluable inside knowledge of the industry. Further, her writing tenure has refined her ability to communicate complex gambling concepts and strategies to a broad audience, effectively educating and engaging players. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures her work is consistently high-quality, reinforcing her reputation as a trusted and reliable source of information.

Retention and Regional Manager

In her roles as a retention and regional manager, Iria’s work was instrumental in enhancing brand recognition and fostering player loyalty for several globally renowned casino brands and sports betting sites. She masterfully created enticing promotions for players and executed targeted interventions.

These crucial efforts not only ensured customer retention but also significantly contributed to the growth of the businesses she was involved with. Her roles required an intimate understanding of the gambling industry’s mechanics, which Iria possesses in spades.

This comprehensive industry knowledge, paired with her marketing skills and writing prowess, solidifies Iria Mon as a leading figure in the casino and gambling sector.


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Take a sneak peek into valuable insights into various aspects of online casinos, including game selection, bonuses, security, customer service, and payment options. Iria’s detailed reviews offer an unbiased perspective to help potential players make informed decisions. She highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a casino, ensuring players choose a platform that aligns with their needs and preferences for a satisfying gaming experience.

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