Our casino specialist make sure to stay ahead of the curve and give readers up-to-date, comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of online gambling. With their insights and expertise, UK players will have everything they need to be well-informed when it comes time for them to make decisions about where to play.

Where Did Our Editorial Guidelines Come From?

At CasinoSherlock, we are powered by a shared set of values that serve as the foundation for all we do. These shared beliefs help make our brand authentic and worthy of admiration. Our writers ensure to follow editorial principles that are overseen by an editor-in-chief to ensure these standards remain central in all reviews, guides and news we publish. These guidelines include the following:

Our Audience

At CasinoSherlock, our audience is the star of every review, guide, and blog post. We provide helpful info tailored to players’ needs, with easy-to-use filters and dropdown menus, making it a breeze to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Fundamentals of the Editorial Principles

Editorial Principles hold the key to producing great content. They ensure that our readers get information that are original, reliable, and accurate. By following these core elements, our writers craft compelling content for our readers. Our main editorial principles at CasinoSherlock are:

Accurate Information

Reliable Insights Into Online Gambling

Our team of professional writers and reviewers have extensive experience in the casino world, both online and offline. We take a dive into every casino we review to ensure that our information is accurate – by testing its features ourselves rather than relying on what the operators tell us or reading other websites’ reviews.

With this commitment to detail, you can rest assured that our reviews will give you an insightful look at each gaming site’s pros & cons so you know exactly what kind of experiences await. We take on the ultimate challenge, playing each game we review. Our own gaming experience, combined with the official game information, allows us to create comprehensive insights that will help you choose your next favourite slots or games.

Our casino reviews, game guides and data-driven research are backed by accuracy checks that involve multiple experts, ensuring all of our facts remain accurate. We strive for excellence in making sure you get only the best quality content so that your decisions come from a place of informed confidence!

Unbiased Review

At CasinoSherlock, we go above and beyond to ensure our players’ interests are always held as a priority. Our writing makes sure that our content remains impartial and 100% transparent for readers. We ensure that our advice and guidance remain free from any preferential bias, so you can trust its accuracy.

Our content is always up-to-date, transparent, and impartial: the ideal source of information for whichever casino catches your eye.

We offer detailed insights and applicable recommendations for each casino so that whatever final choice you make will be sure to deliver an unforgettable experience!

Fresh Information

The casino industry is a constantly evolving landscape of opportunities, with sign-up offers and promotions changing regularly, new game titles being released at lightning speed, and exclusive bonuses coming to life seasonally. However, we understand that when it comes to casinos and reviews, nothing is ever set in stone.

At CasinoSherlock, gamers are guaranteed that the content remains up-to-date and in tune with what’s happening within the UK gambling industry. Our experts stay abreast of all brands featured, testing them for several criteria, such as game selection, payment speeds, and customer service, before settling on a final verdict for each brand.


Despite our best efforts to ensure accuracy and quality, mistakes can still occur. To counter this challenge, we have a team dedicated to verifying the correctness of all data presented, guaranteeing that errors are swiftly caught and corrected.

Additionally, we are always open to feedback and invite anyone with concerns about possible inaccuracies to inform us so it can be rectified right away!

Our team is committed to providing the best online gambling experience available. If by chance, our information contains an error or displays a bias of any kind, please contact us and we’ll work hard to make swift corrections. We appreciate your input and feedback, as they help us understand your expectations better, so be sure you let us know what works for you.

Clear and Concise

Casino Sherlock's Editorial Principles

Our team is dedicated to creating content that’s relevant, timely, and easy to understand for every player. We want the information we provide to be helpful and clear, so you can get the most out of your experience gambling online. That’s why everything goes through a thorough write & peer review process, but if something isn’t crystal clear or there are conflicting messages somewhere along the line, please let us know, and we’ll be more than happy to provide insight.

We Disclose Sources

Here at CasinoSherlock, we only provide the finest content backed by experts’ knowledge and experience. To ensure the accuracy of the information, our team seeks facts from trusted sources such as press releases, industry trade publications, social media updates, and more – all obtainable through external links on our review pages. Should you wish to delve into more detail, click away! Our pages link directly to external resources where references can be reviewed independently.


Finally, at CasinoSherlock we welcome your feedback! Whether it be about the services we provide or a casino platform you’ve interacted with, let us know. Your insights are priceless as they help us understand what’s helpful to players when writing reviews and how affiliates treat their customers, so everyone has peace of mind when deciding where to game.

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