Information Security Policy

This Policy aims to safeguard the information assets of the organisation against any kind of threat, whether it originates from within or outside the organisation and whether it is intentional or unintentional.

The organisation’s policy is to ensure that:

  1. Access to confidential information should be limited to individuals that require access, and they should follow the principle of least privilege at all times.
  2. Consistency in the stability, security, and availability of our information must be preserved when implementing modifications to Casino Sherlock’s systems.
  3. The integrity of both our client and business information must be maintained at all times.
  4. To be the top media provider in the industry, delivering exceptional security solutions to our iGaming partners and their customers.
  5. We adhere to gaming regulations and other legal requirements relevant to our licenses, and that we integrate these requirements into all of our business processes and systems.

Information Security Risks

At Casino Sherlock, risks are managed using an Information Risk Management Framework designed to promptly identify and address potential risks, thereby enabling the business to adopt a risk-based approach that is integrated into our decision-making processes.


All staff members are required to comply with the Information Security Policy, while managers are responsible for ensuring that their teams adhere to the Information Security requirements. The Management Representative is responsible for planning, designing, implementing, and operating the ISMS within Casino Sherlock.

The Internal Audit Committee is directly responsible for verifying the effectiveness of the information security management system. This Information Security Policy will undergo review whenever significant changes occur within the organisation.