What’s the Best Time to Play Online Slots?

Best Time to Play Online Slots UK

The best time to play online slots depends on many factors, including the type of slots you often play and the type of casino you use as a player. The best time to play an online slot in an online casino would differ from the best time to play those same slots at land-based casinos. But, of course, it all depends on what time you find suitable as an individual.

For land-based casinos, most players believe the best time to play is during the evening and night-time. It is not a wrong assertion, as most people tend to be free to gamble at brick-and-mortar casinos during this period. However, it has no positive or negative effect on your chances of winning.

So, it all comes down to your preferences and schedule as a player.

When Is the Best Period of the Year to Play Online Slots?

Though not factually proven, certain seasons of the year are better for slots. Of course, these seasons do not directly impact the gameplay, but they do have other external factors that can affect these games.

Below, we will outline some of these seasons.


During the holiday season, there is typically a higher number of gamblers, mainly because people have more free time to engage in their hobbies. Casinos often provide exclusive slot games during holidays like Christmas and New Year celebrations, allowing players to increase the overall fun.

Another factor that makes holiday seasons the best for online slots is the fact that most top-ranked casinos offer bonus promotions for these holiday seasons.

Players get to explore a broad range of online casino bonuses, which can lead to higher winning chances. Casinos commonly offer Xmas free spin promotions, and you can easily find similar bonuses for other holidays, such as Easter and New Year.

Summer Seasons

From our research, there are often fewer casino players during the summer compared to the winter holiday season. Since most people travel during the summer, there is often little time to play online slots. However, these are the periods when online casinos introduce numerous profitable bonus deals to attract as many players as possible.

These bonuses range from cashback offers to no deposit free spins and reload bonuses. By taking advantage of these promotions, you can increase your winning potential and enjoy more opportunities to win, even with small deposits.

Best Time of the Day to Play Online Slots

Players have different times of the day when they prefer to play online slots, and most have numerous reasons for their preferences. While some players think late-night gambling is better off, with the theory that slot machines often go through a reset phase, others believe mornings are the peak moments to maximise your slot winnings.

Selecting the best time to play a slot should depend on individual preferences, not public assertions. If you feel more comfortable playing at night, you are better off playing then.

Likewise, those who prefer to play during the day can always continue, as there is little difference.

From our research, slot machines do not undergo a reset phase where you can expect similar outcomes from the previous day or week. In fact, every spin is a random result from an unknown RNG software.

If you find yourself luckier during a specific period of the day or week, you can always stick to those times for your gambling activities.

Jackpot Slots: Best Time to Play Online Slots UK

Jackpots are very popular due to their high payouts, so players often seek information regarding the best time to play these games for maximum winning chances.

Unfortunately, there is no real proof that shows a specific time when players should play jackpot slot games.

When to Play Jackpot Slots?However, depending on the jackpot game you play, there are particular periods when you may be lucky enough to increase your odds of winning. Hot drop jackpots, for example, operate using a specific time limit within which players must win.

These jackpots often have countdowns which expire by the end of the day or month. If the big jackpot prize pool is still accessible close to the deadline, consider placing your bets during these close periods, as they can boost your chances.

It is considered that the best time to play progressive jackpots is when the jackpot has been sitting for a while.

The higher the jackpot amount from the minimum seed, the better your chances. It is believed that you have a higher chance of winning at these progressive jackpots that have been active for extended periods.

Again, there are no fixed facts backing these claims. While these methods have worked for many players, jackpot results depend solely on a player’s luck.

How to Find the Best UK Online Casinos to Play Online Slots

Rather than looking for the best time to play slots online, the most crucial factor you should consider is the host casino. Your chosen gambling site can determine your gaming experience, so it is essential to find the right site for slots before seeking tips on how to win these games.

Our team of experts have developed a guide on how you can identify the best online casinos for slot games (including new slot sites), and we will outline the factors to consider below.


Licencing is essential to online casinos, so it is the first factor you must consider. As a UK player, you must ensure the casino holds a licence from the UKGC or any other reputable gambling body like the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming Authority, etc. A licenced casino is, of course, the safest and best place to play slot games.

Available Slot Games

When looking for the best sites to play online slots, another factor to look out for is the number of slot games available, as well as their quality. Though almost all casinos feature some set of slot games, the numbers always differ. Look for the best platforms with the highest quality games, as it gives variety and allows you to enjoy a complete experience.

You should ensure sufficient games from reputable studios like Play’n Go, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, etc. These studios all have some of the biggest slots in the online gambling space. As a player, chances are you’ll have a fun time playing them.

Bonuses & Promotions

The available bonus offers should also be considered when searching for the best online casinos for slots. To enjoy your gaming experience even more, you should choose platforms with good free spin bonuses, as they allow you to play with little to no deposit.

When selecting these sites based on their bonuses, you must observe the bonus rules and ensure that they are fair, as high bonus requirements would make it impossible for you to make a profit.

Payout Options

As a player, especially in the UK, another essential factor to consider in online casinos is the payout options. Regardless of the availability of your favourite game, you need to ensure your preferred payout options are available to avoid any complications that may arise when requesting withdrawals.

Some top payout options to look out for are: Neteller, Skrill, Visa & Mastercard, Bank Transfer, etc.

Popular Myths About Playing Online Slots

Following the popularity of slot games, there are several theories which players have developed around the game. This section will outline some of these myths and their realities.

Specific Periods Are Better For Playing Online Slots

A popular claim is that specific times of the day or seasons are best for playing slots.

This is, of course, not factually true, as slots operate with random number generator systems. The outcome of every spin is unpredictable and winning is entirely luck-based.

Casinos cannot influence the results of slot machines, as they work on random algorithms. Additionally, it is totally against the operational rules of licenced casinos.

After carefully reviewing some of the biggest slot wins of recent years, we discovered that these wins occurred at different times of the year and on different days. Times of the wins don’t match either.

In conclusion, slots outcomes depend entirely on luck, and you can bag huge wins at literally anytime. Of course, certain seasons of the year are better for bonus offers, giveaway deals, and free spins. However, these external factors can hardly influence your game results.

Slots Do Not Payout Immediately After a Huge Win

In the gambling world, some believe it is better to avoid a slot where players have just won huge prizes, as the slot may not pay significant rewards for a certain period. This is purely a myth, as a slot’s payout does not affect its game results.

If a player records a massive payout from a slot, any lucky player can re-trigger a huge prize even the next minute.

Every new spin in a slot is an independent action that operates without considering any previous factor. As a result, all you need is luck and basic knowledge of how a slot works.

It Is Impossible to Maximise Your Chances of Winning With Tips

While there is a myth that certain times are the best for playing slots, there is also another myth implying that it is impossible to maximise your chances of winning with tips. Of course, tagging this as a myth would seem contradictory, but this is not true. While there is no best time to play slots, some helpful tips can allow you to maximise your chances of winning slot games.

Regardless of the casino you use, one good tip is to practice with free play before playing any online slot machine for real money.

Most players lose out on slot games due to a lack of awareness regarding extra information like the betting limits, slot volatility, odds and other game rules. Understanding slot volatility is also essential, as you can better understand how often you can expect wins. In low volatility slots, players are bound to record more wins, but payouts are often low.

At the same time, high volatility slots offer high payouts, but landing winning combos can be difficult. With this information, you can draft the right game plans and split your bets into smaller units while playing high-variance slots.

Final Thoughts: Is There a Specific Time to Play Online Slots?

After digging through different casino wins worldwide, and other factors, our research shows that there is no specific recommended time to play online slots. However, it comes down to when you find yourself lucky, as what works for one player may not work for another. Online slots depend solely on RNG outcomes, which operate via an unplanned algorithmic structure. Therefore, observing game results would not help you crack any sequence.

However, we advise you to stick with what works best for you and always remember to fully understand the casino games you play, their volatility and other essential details. It can allow you to develop the right betting strategies. If you are an experienced player, utilising the right bonuses is also an added advantage that can help improve your winning odds. The overall goal is to play slot games that you enjoy, and always remember to stick to a budget and use responsible gambling tools where necessary.


Is it better to play slots in the morning or at night?

There is no special time to play at the casino that guarantees more winnings or payouts. Winning is a matter of chance, and it doesn’t depend on the game or the time you play; probabilities stay the same.

Is there a strategy for winning online slots?

There is no guaranteed strategy for winning online slots. Slot games are based on random number generators, making outcomes purely luck-based. While there are tricks and tips to help increase your winning odds, success ultimately relies on chance rather than a proven strategy.

How do you pick winning slots?

Selecting winning slots can be difficult as the results are random. Look for games with high Return to Player (RTP) percentages, as they offer better long-term odds. You should also study slot reviews, assess volatility, and set a budget.

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