What Is Volatility in Slots?

What Does Volatility Mean in Slots

Slot volatility represents the number of times a slot machine will likely trigger a winning combination. It also shows how often a player will receive huge payouts from a slot game.

โœ… Did You Know? The term relates to the Return To Player (RTP) ratings in slots, so they can also give you an insight into what to expect from the volatility during your gameplay sessions.

The higher the RTP percentage of a slot game, the higher your potential winning chances. Casinos classify these slot games into three major categories: low, medium, and high volatility slots.

What Does Low Volatility Mean in Slots?

Low volatility slots are a type of slot games characterised by more frequent but smaller payouts. If you play such games, you’re likely to win more often compared to playing high volatility slots, but the amounts won are generally smaller. This makes low volatility slots a good choice for players who prefer a steadier, where their bankroll is not subject to rapid and significant fluctuations.

On the other hand, the low payout makes them unappealing to most low rollers, as it takes a significant bet to win huge amounts from low volatility slots.

๐Ÿ’ก Keep in Mind: On average, a low volatility slot may allow you to land wins within 10 to over 100x of your stake.

Below are top 5 low volatility slots you will find in UK online casinos:

Slot Volatility Provider

Wild Scarabs






Enchanted Garden II


Real Time Gaming

Wolf Run



Blood Suckers II



What Does Medium Volatility Mean in Slots?

Medium volatility slots are a type of slot games that strike a balance between the frequency and the size of payouts.

๐Ÿ’ก Remember: In these games, the payouts may not be as frequent as in low volatility slots, but they tend to be larger when they occur. Conversely, while the payouts are not typically as large as those in high volatility slots, they occur more often.

Medium volatility slots are ideal for players who are looking for a balanced experience, combining the excitement of significant wins with a reasonable frequency of smaller payouts.

Here are examples of medium volatility games you’ll find in UK casinos:

Slot Volatility Provider

Koi Princess



Diamond Strike


Pragmatic Play

Mystery Joker


Play'n Go

Carnival Queen



Big Bass Bonanza


Pragmatic Play

What Does High Volatility Mean in Slots?

High volatility slots are a type of slots characterised by less frequent but larger payouts.

๐Ÿ’ก Did you know? In these games, wins occur less often compared to low or medium volatility slots, but when they do happen, they tend to be for larger amounts of money.

High volatility slots are known for their potential for big jackpots or substantial cash prizes. But, while their payouts are huge, you may have to wait all day for a single win.

Due to the nature of these slots, they may not be the best choice for players betting with limited budgets. Of course, they are fit for small bets, but the true value lies when you can afford to play them multiple times before running out of your stakes.

These games are more suited for players who are willing to endure longer periods without wins in anticipation of larger payouts.

Here are several high volatility slots you will find in British online casinos:

Slot Volatility Provider

Book of 99


Relax Gaming

Dead or Alive 2



Gorilla Gold Megaways


Blueprint Gaming

Book of Dead

Very High

Play'n Go

Wheel of Fortune Megaways


Big Time Gaming

What Type of Slot Should I Go For?

High Vs Low Volatility in Slots

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the best slot type. Personal preferences may differentiate the list of top slots for each player. While some play slots for the fun experience and little gains that may come with it, others play mostly to generate payouts.

Your personal preference also factors into your selection of the ideal slot as a player.

If your sole aim is to enjoy the satisfaction of regular winning combos and small payouts, you can easily choose low volatility slots.

Players who want a balanced touch of low and high volatility titles are better off sticking to medium volatility slots.

External Factors That Can Affect the Volatility Behaviour of Slots

Slot volatility can be influenced by external factors, altering how frequently and generously the game pays out. These factors range from paylines to player behaviour and RTP rate, all contributing to slot gameplay. Here are 5 key factors that affect the volatility of slots:

  1. Bankroll/bet amount
  2. Player behaviour
  3. Bonuses
  4. Paylines/paytable
  5. RTP percentage

Bankroll/Bet Amount

Your bet size can affect the volatility of a slot game, especially for low volatility slot machines. Low-volatile slots often payout less but with higher frequencies than high-variance slots. Placing bigger bets on each hand can potentially lead to big payouts.

Player Behaviour

Player behaviour can impact slot volatility in various ways. For instance, if many players consistently bet high amounts on a particular slot, it might seem more volatile due to the potential for more significant wins. Conversely, if players tend to make smaller bets, the slot could appear less volatile with more frequent but smaller payouts.


Casino bonuses are a beneficial external factor when playing online slots. Suppose you have access to significant free spin offers. In that case, you can utilise the opportunity to use your bonus funds on high volatility slots. This way, you maximise your chances of landing a winning combo while minimising the amount of real money you invest in the bets.

Sometimes, these bonus prizes can come as special bonus spins dedicated to a particular slot or any other casino game of your choice.


Paylines represent the patterns of paying combinations in a slot, which means they can also affect the volatility in slot games. If a slot features adjustable paylines, you can set these paylines to match your betting needs.

๐Ÿ’ก Overall, the higher the paylines on a slot, the higher your chances of winning.

Opting for more paylines will slightly reduce the volatility of a high volatility slot.

RTP Percentage

The return to player rate or payout percentage of a slot displays the potential amount you can expect to get for betting on the slot. Slot machines with high RTPs often give higher winning chances, making them less volatile. While slots with low RTPs are often high volatility, carefully observing this detail will allow you to understand the slot’s volatility.

How to Find the Volatility of a Slot

The volatility of a slot is not secret information, but it’s not always spelt out either. To find out the volatility of your favourite slots, you have 3 main options:

  1. Check the slot information
  2. Play the demo game
  3. Search Online

Check the Slot Information

To find the volatility level of a slot, you can check the slot information from the gaming library of a casino that offers the game. It’s usually on the information page of the games, so you don’t necessarily have to open the game. Game providers also feature short descriptions of their games, which includes sentences that can give away the volatility of a slot. Though this method is not highly trusted for finding a slot’s volatility, it works.

Play the Demo Game

Most slots have demo editions which you can play and easily find the slot’s volatility before gambling with real money. The slot volatility remains the same regardless of the edition of the game you play. Playing the demo edition allows you to discover its volatility from the help or general info section.

Search Online

One of the easiest ways to find the volatility of a slot is to search for it online. Once you type in the slot’s name on the Google search bar, you only have to add the word ‘volatility’ for the search engine to reveal the relevant information. Suppose you’re seeking information about the volatility of Gonzo’s Quest. In that case, search for ‘Gonzo’s Quest volatility’. Also, look out for information from the official website of the game developer or any trusted platform with casino game reviews like CasinoSherlock.

Bonus Features & Slot Volatility

Some slots have bonus spin features – special functions or additional gameplay elements that offer players extra opportunities to win more than the standard payouts of the game. These features are typically activated by specific symbols or combinations within the game.

Bonus features can affect the volatility of a slot too. For example, a bonus feature increases your potential winning chances in a high volatility slot. It moves your slot to the range of medium-high volatility during while the bonus feature is on.

Slot Volatility vs Slot Variance: What’s the Difference?

In the gambling scene, terms volatility and variance often appear when discussing slots. This can be confusing for new gamblers.

๐ŸŽฐ Both terms mean the same thing so casinos often use them interchangeably.

Final Thoughts on Volatility in Slots

In conclusion, understanding slot volatility is essential for making informed decisions while playing. Whether aiming for frequent, smaller wins or the potential for larger payouts, recognising the behaviour of different games can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Low to medium volatility slots will be a good choice if you have a tight gambling budget. A high volatility slot requires more stakes before triggering a winning combo. For this reason, it often requires more money. But, in the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences as a player. The best slot category for you will depend on your gaming needs at each point in time.


In this section, we’ll address the most popular questions regarding slot volatility from our readers.

What does volatility in slots mean?

In simple terms, volatility represents the frequency at which a slot game will likely trigger a winning combo. It also entails the value of the wins you can expect from the slot.

Can low volatility slots payout be high?

Yes. Low volatility slots also have the potential of paying out high. But, for it to happen, your only option as a player is to place huge matching bets.

Is low volatility good in slots?

Yes. Low volatility slots serve as a perfect start for beginners looking to venture into the world of slot machines. The only downside of this category of slots is their low payouts. But the payout frequency can be rewarding.

Who benefits from high volatility slot games?

Regardless of the slot game you play, the casino already has a better advantage over you as a player. To create a balance, devise working strategies, study your gambling style and make the needed changes to improve your game. Only stake amounts you can afford to lose.

Does volatility affect slot gameplay?

Yes. The volatility of a slot can affect the gameplay, as it deals directly with the frequency of winning results.

Is slot volatility the same in all UK casinos?

Yes. Slot volatility is a part of the games, in partnership with casinos. It remains the same for each slot game regardless of the host casino.

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